Therapy Revenue Cycle Management

Therapy Revenue Cycle Management – As a Behavior Health Facility, What to Consider & Why?

Running healthcare is complicated, no doubt. With ever-changing regulations, constant billing updates and additional layers of the hectic process, including denials and insurance follow-up, the whole process could be daunting. Providers should spend more time and resources to tackle everything to streamline everything onto the right track.   

Yet, the accuracy and the results could be questionable. So, what about Behavior Health Center? With more people becoming aware of psychological problems and willing to invest dollars in their mental health, the number of mental health centers and experts has dramatically increased. Since people are willing to find their perfect mental experts, it’s a good sign for Behavioral Centers; still, what about the financial side of your center?   

That’s where Therapy Revenue Cycle Management comes into play. In this blog, let’s discuss what Therapy RCM solutions are, how they can benefit your Physical Therapy Billing and most importantly, which is best managed with an in-house team or outsourcing with Therapy RCM services…Let’s get started.   

Therapy Revenue Cycle Management

What is Therapy Revenue Cycle Management?

Revenue Cycle Management has become a major challenging factor for mental health professionals. In the past, most substance use treatment facilities and mental health facilities relied on self-pay as their primary source. Patients simply paid their bills when they became due, and insurance companies played no role in this process. Many hospitals just bolted on a software system to help as third-party payers became the norm, paying little attention to best practices for billing. These temporary fixes were rarely successful; RCM continues to be difficult, and facilities of all sizes across the US have common problems.  

In this case, maintaining a perfect Therapy RCM solution is not as easy as, say. The term comprises many drastic processes that many healthcare centers and their staff are hard to rely on.   

Therapy Revenue Cycle Management, the actual definition – The administrative and clinical tasks connected to Claim Processing, Payment, and Revenue Generation are managed by institutions using the financial process known as Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management. The process comprises identifying, managing, and collecting patient service income. 

In order for healthcare organizations to continue operating and providing patient care, the financial process is essential. Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management is used by facilities to collect money and then cover costs.  

Now, let’s dive into the options for Therapy RCM solutions.  

Managing Therapy Revenue Cycle Management Process In-House

Managing Therapy RCM services by yourself (which means designating an employee to manage it) could be the best option for some behavior therapy centers. However, as an Outsourcing Physical Therapy Billing Service Company, we’d suggest Outsourcing. Anyway, why don’t we see the pros and cons, and you decide by yourself?  


Cost reductions are the main advantage of managing the Revenue Cycle internally. Your additional expenditures for Revenue Management would practically be zero if you already have a staff member with experience in Medical Billing, whose time isn’t being used to its maximum potential. 

Also, when managing the process internally, you have total control. You have total visibility into every aspect of your clinic’s finances and know exactly what is happening. 


On the downside, Medical Billing is a very complicated process, not only for Therapy RCM Solutions, but for every specialty. Those in charge of the process must plan time for continued education because the laws and best practices being constantly changing. If a staff member is not entirely up to date, they might not be using the proper codes to assure full payment for the services you rendered, and they might make mistakes that result in rejections or denials. 

Yet, many of these problems can be readily solved if you’re using a solid EMR. Your software should be able to centralize and manage payers, write claims automatically based on your documentation, and detect any problems.  

Is Outsourcing Therapy RCM Services the Best Choice?

When you Outsource Revenue Management, you also Outsource a lot of headaches. You are no longer responsible for adhering to regulations and industry standards. You can concentrate on giving care and doing the aspects of running a clinic you want. 

A solid Therapy Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing Company should also boost your revenue. You’ll ensure that your reimbursements are being maximized and that no claims are denied because of mistakes. Cash flow ought to increase as well. Let’s explore more benefits of Outsourcing Physical Therapy Billing Services and Therapy RCM solutions.  

Top Benefits of Outsourcing Therapy RCM Services

Reduce Staff Costs

You are not liable for employee health insurance, acquisition fees, PTO (Paid Time Off), or any other personnel expenditures when you Outsource behavioral/mental health bills. The amount of resources needed to oversee the behavioral health insurance process is substantial. The cost-sharing model is an additional benefit of employing this behavioral Therapy RCM billing approach. It provides for expense billing based on your company’s size and revenue. It is useful if you have a low-income month because your billing won’t have a fixed price attached to it.  

Improve Your Therapy Revenue Cycle

Working with experienced and physical therapy billing services can greatly assist as behavioral health practitioners’ legal and administrative requirements expand and the claims process becomes more complicated. A specific application specifically created for clinics treating patients with behavioral difficulties is RCM or Therapy Revenue Cycle Management. More so than a basic billing tool, it aids in processing claims and payment options. The Management of the Revenue Cycle will be much enhanced.  

Keep Your Client’s Data Secure

One of the primary issues prohibiting providers from Outsourcing Medical Billing is internet security. It is crucial to protect patients and practice data. Safeguarding all patient information is the responsibility of all professional medical billing firms (HIPAA Compliance).  

Reduce Employee Errors

Even the smallest fatal error can result in an insurance company rejecting a medical billing claim; someone on your team will fix the mistake, resubmit the application, and wait for the updated application to be accepted and processed. Partnering with a specialized provider decreases staff mistakes since they have more experience with Physical Therapy Billing and have received considerably more training than your In-house team has.  

More Consistency & Accuracy

Internal Billing is highly likely to cause your practice’s revenue to be affected by unanticipated employee absences or changes. Our Outsourced Physical Therapy Billing Services offer a whole staff of knowledgeable individuals to guarantee your claims are prepared successfully, lowering the possibility of disturbing your practice’s cash flow. 

Expert Handling of Claims

To maximize the medical office’s Revenue Flow, each insurance claim must be paid promptly and accurately. Healthcare professionals often do not have the luxury of evaluating and following up on every claim, because time is of the essence. Let’s face it, the interests of healthcare professionals and the people who support them frequently diverge. However, you must initially submit these claims as soon and precisely as possible. Otherwise, unpaid claims might swiftly prevent the agency from applying resources elsewhere. Making you make repeated phone calls to insurance companies just makes you more frustrated and wastes more time. Healthcare practitioners might think about Outsourcing this task to lessen the administrative strain on support employees. An expert Therapy RCM Services Company can work quickly, consistently and accurately to file and process insurance claims.  

Complete Transparency

Some believe Outsourcing billing entails giving up control and authority over your clinic; however, that assumption is only partially accurate. Outsourcing Therapy RCM Services gives you more power and transparency. You can check the information gathered or keep an eye on the processing at any moment. It provides an up-to-date evaluation of when and how to pay your clinic costs.  

Increase Profits

Medical providers lose money as a result of ineffective, inadequate, or erroneous claims. However, if you Outsource with Therapy RCM Solutions to a pool of qualified behavioral health billers, this is not the case. 

Compared to your internal employees, these outpatient Mental Health Physical Therapy Billing Services Specialists are simply experts. They are skilled at managing appeals and overturning rejections. They have the knowledge and expertise to spot particular weak points, lessen frequent claims errors, and guarantee that more claims are finished (paid) the first time. 

Fast Action

Your work becomes more efficient and valuable when you automate regular administrative activities. Cash flow will be improved by automating the same-day claims submission procedure. Before you receive payment on a certified paper claim, it may take at least two months for it to pass through all the necessary channels. A clean claim that is supported by electronic health information and properly tagged for the optimum benefit may lead to full reimbursement sooner. 

Bottom Line

Several excellent reasons exist to contract with a qualified organization to pay your behavioral health expenditures. Contracting with a third party to provide Therapy RCM Solutions makes sense, which relieves pressure on your internal resources. With several years of experience, MHRCM offers Behavioral/Mental Health Billing Services to numerous behavioral health treatment facilities. 

These services can be rapidly and economically provided through MHRCM, and your practice will gain various advantages as a result. It has Qualified staff of Billing and Certification Specialists committed to your medical practice with the knowledge you require in Medical Billing, Accreditation, Electronic Medical Records, and Electronic Health Records. Give us a call right away!  


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