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MHRCM Healthcare Accounts Receivable Management

Are you struggling to keep your Accounts Receivable (AR) days under control? Lack of skilled resources can lead to a backlog of claims. With regulations like ICD-10, denials may go up if you are not prepared. Quick and accurate analysis of history, denied claim appeal and timely turnaround to recover and close out AR requires skilled resources to work with any practice management system.


1) We look for patterns of deficiency to increase cash flow and reduce aging A/R.

2) We can lower internal costs, increase collections and improve your cash flow.

3) Our RCM and related processes specialize in enhancing the financial performance of our clients.

4) We leverage our healthcare expertise, technology and qualified resources to hospitals and physician practices and act as an extension and partner.

Recovery Up To 70% Of Denied Claims

MHRCM provides a scalable pool of experienced resources to increase your collection ratio. Our sophisticated A/R workflow tool seamlessly performs skill-based routing and generates customized intelligence reports to identify and resolve unpaid accounts. Our skilled experts are trained to identify patient accounts that require follow-up and take the necessary action to collect unpaid/underpaid claims.

Our Specialties

Clearinghouse Rejections: Rejections are resolved within 48 hours.

No-Response Follow-Up: Perform status checks on higher dollar balances and identify issues proactively, to reduce aging and maintain an untouched ratio of under 3% of the overall inventory.

Denial Management: Address all denials within seven days.

Analytics: Identify trends by CPT codes, insurance and denial type; implement process improvement initiatives to increase the clean claim ratio.

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