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Custom Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for ABA Therapy

Are you having trouble with getting full reimbursement for the ABA Therapy services you are providing? Are you distressed because of the increased number of days and insufficient follow-ups with the insurers? Do you want to enhance the performance of your therapy practice by outsourcing your billing to a professional and reliable team?

MHRCM is a leading provider of ABA Therapy billing solutions in Texas. MHRCM adopts the latest best practices in the therapy billing field to ensure your coding and billing processes are performed without any risk of errors, rejection or short pay. With our services, you can lower your AR days and the risk of medical claim rejections.


Expert knowledge and experience in ABA Therapy Billing

Effortless onboarding process

Proven process and results

Our ABA Therapy Billing Services

MHRCM is a leading Therapy Billing Service Provider that has delivered significant value on several Therapy Billing projects.

Our Therapy Billing Services include,
  • 1) ABA Therapy Billing Denial Management Services

  • Attending denied claims is a time-consuming process that requires your therapist to handle the administrative duties. This is less productive and can impact revenue generation. With our therapy billing duties, we help you ensure that all documents are complete before resubmission, thus reducing the possibility of denied claims.

  • 2) AR Follow-up for ABA Therapy Billing
  • Delay in payment can destabilize the cash flow and negatively impact the Revenue Cycle Management. We track overdue invoices and send reminders to defaulters to pay their dues to prevent late payment fees.

  • 3)Credentialing Services
  • IIn order to avoid future payment conflicts, it is essential to understand the qualifying prerequisites for obtaining reimbursements. We closely work with government and private insurers to understand their terms and conditions. We also have experience and expertise in streamlining your Revenue Cycle Management.

  • 4) Pre-authorization for ABA Therapy Billing
  • We ensure that your ABA Therapy procedures and treatment are preauthorized because of the strict requirements from insurers. Unapproved treatments and some procedures can become grounds for denying reimbursement. We work closely with all parties to understand which procedures are covered by the insurer.

  • 5) ABA Therapy Eligibility Verification
  • Incomplete and incorrect documentation can lead to delays and denial of claims. We verify the entire coverage information provided by your patients, for completeness and accuracy, to ensure that your claims are accepted at the first attempt.

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