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Dedicated Anesthesia Billing and Practice Management

MHRCM has certified medical billing professionals specialized in Anesthesia billing codes. These Professionals accurately process billing under HIPAA compliance, to maximize remuneration.

Billing is a sensitive process, where improper billing formalities can cost anesthetists thousands of dollars. There is a chance for partial remunerations, leaving them options to resubmit claims or go after patients to recover the remaining payment. This practice will dishonor the hospital-patient relationship.

The solution is to outsource Anesthesia Billing services to MHRCM. Our certified professionals will deal with Anesthesia Billing and ensure your practice's formalities are streamlined, and the payment is always on-time and complete.

In the years of our experience, we faced varieties of Anesthesia Billing and Coding challenges. This makes us one of the best Anesthesia Billing Service Providers, who can handle your billing in a fast and secure manner. We use billing software and checklist-based data entry and submission protocol that leaves no room for lapses.

Anesthesia Billing Services We Offer

The billing norms change on each passing year, and keeping track of the modulations in effect is the only way to lower denials. There is no better choice than MHRCM; we offer a full suite of billing services to speed up the payments and reduce denials.

Anesthesia Billing and Coding

We provide end-to-end Anesthesia Billing Services without leaving any scope for errors. Our billing and coding procedures are HIPAA compliant and so are the submissions of claims.

Medical Credentialing and Provider Enrolment

We ensure that your practice meets the insurer's credentialing standards to enroll for payment plan and coverage. We support this by handling paper-heavy formalities like attestation, hospital privileges, and meeting the regulations. We also assist practices and hospitals in the enrolment process with the payer.

Eligibility Verification

To stop denial and resubmission hassles, submitting clean claims is the first step. With our experience, we will ensure that all patient care documents are available before digital submission. We check the patient eligibility to ensure that claims are accepted without denial and resubmission.

Payer Contracting

An exhaustive contract encloses all the formalities that exist between service providers and patients. With our prior experience, we are fully aware of all the nuances in Anesthesia Medical Billing. So, we can help you decipher the contract obligations like filing deadlines, termination prerequisites, grace term for responding to notifications and so on. We help you navigate the contract renegotiation with the payer and ensure medical schedules favor your practice.

Analysis of Fee Schedule

The payer change fee schedules from time to time, which needs the attention of the service provider. It is impossible for the practices that are stretched between responsibilities. We handle it on your behalf, and ensure that your practice gets paid fully, without any disputes or deductions.

Denial Management

We open an immediate investigation to review the submitted claims in case of denial. We rectify and submit the claim, if there are any errors or deficiencies. We handle these tasks, so that you need not take your time off patient care.

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