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Anesthesia Billing Service

Anesthesia Medical Billing Services, Innovative Solutions

MHRCM is an industry leader in Revenue Cycle Management Solutions with Innovative Solutions and an Expert Team. We are the complete Revenue Cycle Management and Anesthesia Billing Company that streamlines administrative processes and brings remarkable results.

Med Health RCM, Texas' most widely used Anesthesia Billing Company, specializes in Anesthesia Billing and Coding with Compliance Performance. MHRCM Anesthesia Billing Services fit the needs; whether you're part of a Billing Service, a Multi-Specialty Health Care Practice, or facing heavy claims on your list. Our Medical Anesthesia Billing Team offers you perfect Billing, Reporting, Compliance and Staffing.

MHRCM Anesthesia Medical Billing Services

Transparent & Concise Patient Statements
  • We ensure the Patient Statements are data-driven patient payments, personalized statements requiring industry thinking, and patient-centric research with the registered trademark.

  • Our Anesthesia Medical Billing Services accelerate patient payment with accurate and easy-to-print digital Patient Statements by keeping patient collections faster.

  • Patient-friendly Statements along with e-statements get sent to the Patient through email, on a regular basis.

Advanced & Accurate Billing Process
  • We bring nothing less than accuracy, knowledge and excellence while building anesthesia revenue cycle management devoid of deficit for your practice.

  • Our Anesthesia Billing Experts maintain friction-free Billing and strive to introduce a new age of Coding, Claim Submission, and Payment Processing to maximize reimbursement.

  • Consistent Account Receivable Follow-ups and perfect prior authorization are performed.

Accelerate Practice Profitability
  • Increase your Healthcare Collections by Reducing Staffing Costs with Our Specialized Back-Office Team to maintain the Anesthesia Revenue Cycle from the end-to-end administrative process.

  • Our robust Anesthesia Billing Services are proven to minimize your errors and denials to get paid faster.

  • Our Anesthesia Billing Services always stays Updated with the Healthcare Industry Regulations and ever-changing landscape with confidence and support.

Anesthesia Medical Billing

Our Extended Anesthesia Billing & Revenue Cycle Management Services

For any Healthcare Facility, submitting claims on time and, specifically, submitting without errors is critical to get paid faster and maximize the cash flow. Due to any errors in claims, even a small one on the patient demographic could result in denials and negatively impact Healthcare Revenue. Increase your practice revenue by submitting crystal clear claims. MHRCM has a Team of Medical Billers and Revenue Cycle Management Experts who adhere to industry guidelines and changing trends to achieve a standard benchmark of claim success rate.

As an Anesthesia Billing and Coding Company, we can understand that each insurance company has different submission requirements. On the other hand, for each Healthcare Facility, the circumstance of RCM processes is partially different. Our medical anesthesia billing services is well versed with all significant payer regulations and understands each healthcare process regarding facility size and claim volume.

Comprehensive Anesthesia Medical Claim Processing

No More Errors, No more Denials. Submit a well-organized and structured claim with the leading medical anesthesia billing services.

Claim Creation & Submission

Our team prepares the patient demographics with accurate details and information from step one to process a clean claim to submit it to payers for further process.

Follow Ups

Once we prepare and submit the claims with accurate information to the corresponding payers, our experts proactively follow up with all the claims to verify the status.


We take care to stay on top of all the claims and classify them in a way that makes them accessible and manageable.

Payment Posting

Our A/R Team efficiently does all the Payment Posting for Payments received from the insurance payers via EOB and ERA to track your payment collections.

Denial Management

We take care of your Denial Claims and are also highly proactive in preventing denials. Our Anesthesia Revenue Cycle Management Solutions constantly focus on accurate and efficient results. Due to typical challenges and strict Medical Billing Regulations, Denial Management became one of the most important pieces of the Healthcare Revenue Cycle. When insurance companies deny 9% of claims from submitted ones, Healthcare should focus on the root cause and prevent the denials.

If you’re bustling with a huge volume of Denials in your Healthcare, it’s not the case for you alone. Every medical practice experience Claims Denials. How those Claim Denials are handled, sets exceptional Healthcare Organizations apart from the rest. Denial Management is a time-consuming task and grabs most of the attention on what matters most. Eliminate the challenges and reticulate your time on patient care with MHRCM Denial Management Solutions.

Improve Your Healthcare Workflow With Perfect Denial Management

  • Experts in analyzing payer adjustment codes from remittance advice to case management and utilization review to manage successful appeal of Denial Management.

  • Rely on our team to coordinate medical chart reviews and meet appeals deadlines, take the edge of administrative drains on your staff in Patient Financial Services, Case Management and Health Information Management.

  • Engage our team to offer ongoing Edit Maintenance and System Cleansing to ensure your Claim Submissions reflect Payer Compliance and Regulatory Changes.

  • Get valuable insights and specific recommendations for Documentation, Editing Improvement, Claim Management, and Process Improvement to address the root causes of denials and enhance the clean claim rates.

Benefits of Denial Management Process for Anesthesia Services

Our Full-Suite Denial Management Services for Medical Anesthesia offer the following benefits for our clients:

  • We Focus on What Matters: Instead of getting Claim Status Information, we Focus on Fixing the Claims.

  • Process Automation: Brainstorming about getting the Claim Status? We cut it out for you by adopting Web Portals to obtain Claim Status.

  • Workflow Automation: To resolve the Claim’s issue, each Claim Status Code has a set of questions that need to be answered by the Insurance Company. Our Team defined the claim follow-up work with a Web-Based System that improves documentation quality with high accuracy.

  • Dashboards & Metrics: Our Anesthesia Practice Management generates multi-variate reports to get a perfect view of the A/R.

A/R Management

Effective Accounts Receivable Management significantly impacts your Healthcare business's Revenue and Cash Flow. When successfully completed, these duties can result in Prompt Payments, Satisfied Customers, and High Liquidity for Healthcare. However, poor management can result in reduced employee productivity, accounting mistakes, lost revenue, and poor cash flow for the practice

Our best practice for Anesthesia Services Accounts Receivable Management is to optimize your Anesthesia Billing and Coding, Payments, and Collections process to get it paid faster, as well as eliminate the risk of bad debt. MHRCM Account Receivable Management for Medical Anesthesia includes creating and following standards and practices for your Healthcare business to facilitate efficient Anesthesia Billing, Coding, and Payments for your clients.

 Account Receivable Management

Efficient & Effective Account Receivable Management Practices

Electronic Billing & Payment

Ditch paper and snail mail Billing. Get rid of time consuming and confusing processes. Our Anesthesia Billing Services offers Electronic Billing and Invoicing Systems that make creating Billing and Coding easier and let patients make payments easily. We integrate Billing and payments this way to automate your record keeping in order to eliminate the room for human error.

Using Invoicing Software with Integrated Payment Support, patients can easily proceed with their payment, making perfect transactions for both the Healthcare and Patients. We also offer options for Customized Systematic Follow-Up when payments are late. So, there’s no hassle for Medical Billing Collections.

Collection & Credit Policies

Many Healthcare Practices are nowadays not interested in making credit value available to clients. However, setting clear Credit Policies ahead of time can avoid extending too much Credit to clients and make it easy for anyone in the Healthcare Business to determine whether to extend Credit when a client requests it.

On the other hand, clear AR Collections Policies ensure to take a proactive approach to address overdue accounts as well as streamline your Revenue Process. Our Anesthesia Practice Management Team can include a periodic review of Accounts Receivable and steps to follow up with the clients and promptly Collect overdue balances.

Clear Billing Procedures

Our Anesthesia Medical Billing Services always approach your practice’s Billing Process with clarity and consistency. Our efficient Billing Process follows each step and procedure to boost up the collections.

  • Billing periods and invoicing dates.

  • What information to include on each invoice (e.g., Purchase Order Numbers, Addresses, etc.)?

  • Recordkeeping procedures.

  • Periodic AR process assessment and follow-up.

  • Collections procedures for overdue payments.

In addition to the daily, weekly and monthly steps we follow to bill clients accurately, we include the following in your documentation:

  • Billing contact information for each client.

  • Unique billing details or steps for each client, if applicable.

  • Payment details and notes for each client.

The Right KPIs

To make sure your Accounts Receivable Processes are on the right track, Anesthesia Medical Billing Services track the following AR performance metrices.

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO): DSO is the top metric to optimize the AR Process and reduce Collection time. It is the average amount of time it takes to Collect the Payment. Our expert Anesthesia Practice Management Team consistently strives to maintain a DSO of below 30 (thirty) days to maintain your practice at a level of the industry standard.

Average Days Delinquent: Average Days Delinquent is another important factor that should be kept low, and our Medical Anesthesia Back Office Team strives to maintain it for you. It is the number of days on average that a Client Payment is Overdue. We ensure that by maintaining flawless Billing and AR management.

Turnover Ratio: Turnover Ratio shows how quickly your Healthcare Collects Payments or Revenue from patients and also indicates the cash flow. A high ratio in the Turnover Ratio indicates that you have a lot of Open Accounts with Uncollected Revenue. Our Anesthesia Services head up with the low ratio by ensuring the Collection Process with high accuracy in Anesthesia Billing and Coding from step one.

Why MHRCM for Anesthesia Medical Billing Services?

End-to-End Anesthesia Revenue Cycle Management

MHRCM not only proves their excellence in Anesthesia Medical Billing Services, but also offers Full-Suite Anesthesia Practice Management as well as Revenue Cycle Management to stabilize your Cash Flow and enhance it through Quality and Efficient Services.

Accurate Anesthesia Services: Billing & Coding

Our RCM Staff are knowledgeable about intricate Claim Submission Procedures, have vast expertise, and have received Quality Training. Staff members at MHRCM undergo extensive Process Training and pass the necessary Quality and Domain-Driven Knowledge Assessment.

Accelerates Cash Flow

Clients who use MHRCM Outsourcing Anesthesia Billing Services can maintain a steady Cash Flow and Quick Collection. By allowing us to efficiently handle the Anesthesia Medical Billing Services, Healthcare facilities can obtain higher economies of scale.

Enhance Patient Satisfaction

Healthcare Providers can afford to focus exclusively on Patient Care. MHRCM's primary focus lies in maximizing your Practice's Revenue. Outsourcing Anesthesia Medical Billing Services makes sure that each Code gets the correct reimbursement quickly and errors can be identified swiftly.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q) Can you bill for local anesthesia?

    A) No, you cannot bill for local anesthesia. Local anesthesia is included in the procedure, and there is no separate code for local anesthesia.

  • Q) How do you bill units for anesthesia?

    A) Anesthesia units are measured in terms of minutes. One unit of anesthesia is 15 (fifteen) minutes. For a procedure of 30 (thirty) minutes, from start to finish, two units of anesthesia time are considered, and the insurance company will pay for one-tenth of the unit.

  • Q) Why is anesthesia billed separately?

    A) Anesthesiologists are not a part of the Healthcare Facility, so the bills are separate for anesthesia units. Similar to physician specialists, you will receive a separate bill from them.

  • Q) Is anesthesia covered by Medicare?

    A) Yes, Medicare covers most of the costs for anesthesia services, such as general anesthesia, sedation, and local anesthesia.