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Is your practice struggling with inefficient billing processes to handle compliance, coding, and collaboration challenges? Billing in-house can further increase the strain on your workflow and patient experience. Gynecologists can get fatigued by stretching between practice and administrative functions.

MHRCM is an analytics-driven and forward-focused modern Medical Billing outsourcing company. We strive to improve your revenue stream by embracing robust technology and smart processes. We smoothly manage Claims Filing, Account Reconciliation, and Denial Management processes with HIPAA compliance.

Gynecology Billing Services Offered by MHRCM RCM

When you outsource your Billing Services to MHRCM, we take responsibility to ensure full reimbursement of charges for gynecology care and adherence to HIPAA compliances. We help you reduce errors, short pay, claims rejection and ensure practitioners and patients have a quality relationship.

Our OBGYN Billing Services include,

  • Appeals
  • Unpaid Claims and Patient Balance Follow-up
  • Insurance Eligibility and Verification
  • Review of Daily Charges for Proper Coding
  • Checking for Coding and Billing Compliance
  • Custom Monthly Reports
  • Adjudication
  • Timely AR Follow-up
  • Patient Enrolment
  • Patient Billing Calls
  • Government and Commercial Insurance Billing
  • Patient Statements
  • AR Recovery
  • Secondary Clearinghouse Scrubbing
  • Initial Electronic Scrubbing of Claims
  • Payments and Adjustments Posting
  • Electronic and Paper Submission of Claims
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