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Best Radiology Medical Billing Practices

At MHRCM, we offer Transparent, End-to-end radiology medical billing services and RCM to help you streamline your Billing Process and optimize your reimbursement. We have a team of experienced Billing experts who will work with you to ensure you get the maximum reimbursement for your Billing Services. We also offer a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to help you manage your Billing Process, including a secure online portal, 24/7 customer support, and a well-integrated platform for all software.

Contact us today to learn more about our Radiology Billing Services and how we can help you maximize your reimbursement.

Denials and Delays in your Radiology Service Payments?

Radiology Billing is different from other Medical Billings. Radiology Billing Services use imaging techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The Billing becomes difficult as the Radiology instruments continually evolve with advanced technology. Constant attention is required to update the new additions to the CPT Codes for Radiology Billing Services. Thus, Radiologists are under pressure to update themselves with the latest CPT Codes and Billing Procedures.

There are two Billing Components in Radiology Billing Services, unlike other medical specialties which have one. The two billing components are the Professional Component, and the latter is the Technical Component. Diagnostic Result Interpretation by Radiologists is a Professional Component, whereas the Usage of Radiology Machines, Apparatus and Dyes falls under the Technical Components of Radiology Billing.

MHRCM has Trained and Certified Radiology Medical Billers and Coders with expertise in the latest CPT Codes and Instruments. Our experts take care of Radiology Billing Services' Professional and Technical Components and help to quickly reimburse the claim.

Why is it important to Outsource Radiology Medical Billing Services to a Revenue Cycle Management Company?

As the Healthcare Industry evolves, so do the Billing and Coding Processes. Many Healthcare Organizations Outsource their Radiology Medical Billing Services to Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Companies to streamline these processes and improve accuracy.

There are many benefits of Outsourcing Radiology Medical Billing Services, including:

  • Improved accuracy and efficiency
  • Reduced claims denials
  • Improved collections
  • Better focus on patient care
  • Outsourcing radiology revenue cycle management is a smart move for any Healthcare Organization that wants to improve its bottom line of revenue. RCM Companies have the experience and expertise to get the job done right, and they can free up your staff to focus on other important tasks.

    MHRCM’s Medical Coders are proficient in CPT, ICD-9/10, and HCPCS Coding based on AMA and CMS guidelines, PMS and EMR Software and are Certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).

How to choose your Radiology Billing Partner?

A reputed and experienced Medical Billing Partner is all that every Healthcare Provider needs for entrusting their financial health.

The Radiology Billing Service Company should have the ability to meet the Revenue Cycle Management needs and deliver better reimbursement and greater control over the Revenue Generation Process.

    1. Service Cost:

    The first thing most companies consider while choosing a Radiology Billing Service is the Service Cost. Services at affordable costs are possible for established RCM services in the industry.

    Medical Billing Services that are low-profile can offer discounted rates for services. The lower cost may be due to the poor quality of the service. So, consider Revenue Cycle Management Services with a company with a good reputation in the market.

    Analyze the services offered by other top Radiology Billing Companies and compare them with MHRCM. Choose your Radiology Medical Billing Partner without hesitation – Yes, its MHRCM!

    2. Service Customization:

    Every Radiology Group is unique, and the Radiology Billing Service Provider must customize the claim according to the specific needs.

    MHRCM offers a wide range of Radiology Billing Services like:

    • Outsourcing
    • Training for the in-house staff
    • Practice Management
    • Software support and services
    • Supplemental services

    We customize the Services to fit Imaging Centers, Radiology Groups and Healthcare Services.

    There is no “One-Size Fits All” package for every sector. Discuss your Billing Requirements with us, for the best Radiology Billing Services at an affordable cost.

    3. Experience:

    Radiology Billing and Coding Services are more complex, and it is challenging to identify the exact Service Codes, without an overlap. The complexity of the Billing and Coding Services has forced many Radiology Services to Outsource them. MHRCM has a decade of experience in Reimbursement, Reduced Denials and High Revenue, with proven results for its clients.

    Our staff are regularly trained and updated with the latest Codes in the industry.

    4. Highly-Qualified Staff:

    Achieving accurate Radiology Billing requires employees with specific education and experience in Billing. So, the Radiology Billing Firm you choose should have employees who are Certified Medical Billers and Coders. Certified employees effectively file claims and receive payments from insurance companies and patients, without any hassle.

    Hiring Highly-Qualified Staff is essential for a speedy turnaround of claims and posting.

    Outsourcing Radiology Billing Services Should Include the Following:

    • Claim Management and Denial Management.
    • Patient information collection and working on denials.
    • Ensure correct payment and contract approval.
    • Payment posting process.

    5. Data Security and Integrity:

    Choose the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Solutions Company that follows High-Quality Standards like MHRCM for Data Security and Integrity with any Healthcare Software. We can create custom reports for better identification, decision-making, and implementation issues.

    MHRCM supports 100+ Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Clients from Healthcare Centers and Renowned Hospitals. Join our Network and get benefitted from our Business Intelligence.

Who are we?

  • AAPC Trained and Certified Professionals to handle the most common Medical Coding Software.
  • Medical Experts to achieve Operational and Clinical efficiency.
  • Experts to handle insurance and process medical claims from Aetna, Anthem, and Humana BCBS. UHC, Wellpoint and Medicare.
  • Delivers of 99% Radiology Billing and Coding Accuracy.

  • What are the complexities of Radiology Billing?

  • Coding Errors:
  • Coding Errors are among the most frequent problems in the Billing Process for Radiology. Truncated Codes, Missing Modifications, and Diagnosis Codes Incompatible with Procedure Codes are common mistakes resulting in claims denials.

  • Insufficient Documentation:
  • Insufficient Documentation can lead to Code Errors. Radiology Billing Coders must have specific Documentation of the procedure performed, to ensure that all appropriate Codes are added for Billing.

  • Payer-Specific Guidelines:
  • Payer-Specific Guidelines may differ because there are no Guidelines for clients and insurance providers, on what should be coded. Choosing primary or secondary Codes is crucial to ensure seamless payment collection.

  • Incomplete Verification:
  • Incomplete Insurance Eligibility Verification and Prior Authorization verification could lead to denials. Denials will impact the cash flow.

  • Eligibility Verification:
  • Eligibility Verification also assists in avoiding denials due to a termination of coverage or services that are not covered. It also helps eliminate other coverage-related issues and causes which can lead to claims denials.

  • Denials:
  • Duplicate claims are a common cause for Denials. It is crucial to make sure that modifiers are updated to distinguish claims that appear to be duplicated in the form of the services but that are billable. The team that codes can avoid the possibility of denials.

    Accurate Radiology Coding Services

    Our Medical Coders, skilled in our Radiology Medical Billing Business, have decades of expertise in the Coding of various Radiology Procedures and the appropriate Modifiers. We keep up-to-date with all Billing and Coding Modifications essential for precise claims.

    In addition to interventional procedures, we also provide non-interventional procedures for Radiology, as part of our Revenue Management Services. Our Coders who have AAPC certification, are skilled in Documenting a variety of Imaging Methods, such as:

  • Nuclear Medicine
  • MRI
  • Ultrasound
  • Tomography and Xray
  • Interventional Radiology Procedures
  • Our expertise in Billing Services includes Therapeutic Radiology and Diagnostic Radiology.

  • What are the Coding Guidelines for Radiology Billing Services?

    As Radiology is inseparable from using the latest technologies and advanced medicines, we focus more on CPT and DX –Codes during Billing Services, in order to Reduce Denial Rates and Increase Revenue.

    There are a few different Coding Guidelines that Radiology Billing Services should follow to ensure efficient and accurate Billing. First, all services should be Coded using the most current Coding Conventions. This means using the latest edition of the ICD-10 Coding Manual for all Diagnosis Codes and the Latest Version of the CPT Coding Manual for all Procedure Codes.

    In addition, all Codes should be reported using the correct number of digits. This means that all Codes should be reported with the correct number of decimal places, and all zeros should be omitted unless required for a specific Code. Finally, all Codes should be reported in the correct sequence in which they were performed. It means that all Diagnosis Codes should be reported before any Procedure Codes.

    By following these simple Coding Guidelines, Radiology Groups can improve the quality of Coding for their claims and their chances for reimbursement.

    What is the difference between Radiology Billing Services and Radiation Oncology Billing Services?

    Radiology Billing Services provide support for the Billing and Coding of Diagnostic Imaging Procedures. Radiation Oncology Billing Services, on the other hand, Provide Support for the Billing and Coding Radiation Therapy Procedures.

    Both services include Medical Billing, Coding, Patient Education, and Collections. However, Radiation Oncology Billing Services may include Case Management, Treatment Planning, and Compliance Assistance. Radiology Practices needing assistance with Billing or Collections for services provided, can benefit from Outsourcing Radiation Oncology and Radiology Billing Services.

    Our Medical Billing Service Highlights

  • Solutions that are Custom-Designed for you
  • Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Reports
  • Regular QA
  • Quicker Turnaround Time
  • No long-term annual contracts
  • 30-40% Cost Savings
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q) How can Radiology Medical Billing Improve your Revenue?

      A) If you are trying to Boost the Revenue of your Healthcare, Radiology Billing is an excellent way to do it. Outsourcing your Billing can help you reap the benefits of Outsourced Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services. Specialized Radiology RCM Services like MHRCM can Improve the Billing Reimbursement Process and free your staff to focus on patient care.

    • Q)Why does Radiology require a Custom Medical Billing Solution?

      A) If a Medical Practice does not use a Custom Medical Billing Solution, revenue might be lost. In addition, a Custom Medical Billing Solution can help manage costs and improve bottom line of revenue.

    • Q)Does the Medical Insurance Plan Cover All Radiology Billing Services?

      A) Many Radiology Billing Services are covered under the fee schedule. Inpatient Radiology Services are Billed to fiscal intermediaries or A/B Medicare Administrative Coordinators. The Physician bills the Insurance Carrier for the Services Provided by the Radiologist. The Physician submits their Bill separately.

    • Q)Key Financial Indicators of Radiology Billing?

      A) Gross Collection Percentage, Bad Debt Recovery, Days in A/R, and Net Collection Percentage are some Key Financial Indicators of Radiology Billing.