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Advanced Radiology Medical Billing Services to Maximize Revenue

Reduce Errors and Effortlessly Strengthen Your Financial Position.
Our Radiology Billing Service boosts the financial success of your clinic by combining accuracy, efficiency, and profit. Boost your returns and streamline the billing procedure with our effective Radiology Billing Services.

    Accurate Radiology Coding for Revenue Management Services

    Our Medical Coders are skilled in our Radiology Medical Billing Business. With our decades of expertise in the Coding of various Radiology Procedures, we keep up to date all Billing and Coding Modifications essential for precise claims.
    As part of our Revenue Management Services, we provide non-interventional treatments for Radiology in addition to interventional procedures. Our Coders who have AAPC certification, are skilled in documenting a variety of Imaging Methods, such as:
    • We Specialize in Billing Services for Both Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiology.
    • Tomography, Ultrasound and Xray
    • Interventional Radiology Procedures Tips
    Radiology Medical Billing Services

    Our Services

    Radiology Billing Services

    This service makes use of imaging methods to treat and diagnose illnesses. The CPT codes that are used to bill radiological services frequently have new additions, which necessitates ongoing attention. Our staff is made up of qualified, experienced billers and coders who are aware of the complexities involved in radiology billing.
    They consider the effect that failing to distinguish between the professional and technical components of radiology in billing will have on a radiology practice’s income.

    Pre-Approval & Eligibility for Insurance

    Obtain pre-authorization from patients' insurance companies for verification. The billing team must confirm the patient's insurance coverage to calculate any potential extra expenses.

    Completing Services

    Throughout a patient's visit, physicians must maintain thorough records. to collect payments and eventually be paid for every service rendered.

    Claims Submission

    It's critical to accurately and promptly file claims since some insurance companies have filing deadlines that, if missed, void coverage.


    If a patient’s insurance plan does not cover the entire cost, Radiology Medical Billers must send invoices to patients and follow up for payment collection.

    Information Reporting

    All information including diagnostic codes and CPT codes must be reported. Regulation compliance and tracking are two uses for this data.

    Billing Services

    What Are the Radiology Billing Services Coding Guidelines?

    In order to lower denial rates and boost revenue, we pay greater attention to CPT and DX codes when billing services. The most recent Coding Conventions should be used when coding any service. This calls for applying all procedure codes to the most recent version of the CPT Coding manual.
    This implies that the proper number of decimal places should be supplied for each code. Every code must be reported in the exact order that it was executed. Radiology groups can increase the quality of coding for their claims and their chances of payment by following these straightforward coding guidelines.
    Radiology Billing Solutions
    Radiology Revenue Cycle Management

    Our Benefits

    Benefits of Outsourcing Radiology Revenue Cycle Management Services

    Any medical facility looking to increase income should consider outsourcing Radiology Revenue Cycle Management. RCM companies can free up your personnel to concentrate on other crucial activities. The medical coders at MHRCM are certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and skilled in CPT, ICD-9/10, and HCPCS coding as well as PMS and EMR software.

    Why Choose Us

    Why MHRCM is the Best Outsourcing Radiology Medical Billing Services?

    In order to assist you maximize your reimbursement and streamline your billing process, MHRCM provides transparent, end-to-end Radiology Medical Billing Services together with RCM. Our staff of knowledgeable billing specialists will collaborate with you to make sure you receive the most money possible for the billing services you provide.

    We also provide a full range of tools and a well-integrated platform for all applications. A safe online portal, and round-the-clock customer assistance, to assist you in managing your billing process. To find out more about our Radiology Billing Services.
    Outsource Radiology Medical Billing 
    Medical Radiology Billing

    Know About Tips

    Tips To Improve Medical Radiology Billing

    A strong billing system is essential for any healthcare facility offering radiology services to ensure that the expenses of those services are covered. A few crucial pointers might aid to enhance the medical billing procedure for radiology:

    Advantages of Radiology Medical Billing Services Provider

    Effective Revenue Cycle Management is crucial for all kinds of businesses. The survival of a radiology establishment can be determined by how well its billing operations perform. Time-consuming procedures include handling radiological billing codes, submitting claims, handling denied claims, and responding to requests for more information from the insurance provider.
    There are numerous advantages to outsourcing your Radiology Billing.
    Radiology Billing Services Provider
    Service Cost
    Customized Services
    Automation Software
    Revenue Management
    Data Security
    Cloud Access

    How Do You Pick a Partner for Radiology Billing Services?

    All that a healthcare provider needs to entrust their financial well-being to is a reliable and skilled medical billing partner. In addition to providing better reimbursement and more control over the revenue generation process, the Radiology Billing Service Company should be able to meet the demands of revenue cycle management.
    MHRCM Radiology Billing Services
    Service Cost
    Service Cost is typically the first factor taken into account by businesses when selecting a Radiology Billing Service. Well-established Radiology Revenue Cycle Management Services in the market can provide services at reasonable prices.
    Service Customization
    Since each Radiology Group is different, the Radiology Billing Service Provider must tailor the claim to meet the demands of the particular case.
    Superior Skilled Staff 
    It is important that the Radiology Billing Company you select employs Certified Medical Billers and Coders. Employees with certification efficiently submit claims, are paid by insurance companies and patients, and experience no difficulties.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Radiology Billing is a great approach to increase your healthcare business’s revenue. Your staff may focus on patient care by using specialized radiology RCM services like MHRCM, which can enhance the billing payment process.
    A medical practice may lose money if they don’t use a Custom Medical Billing Solution. Furthermore, a Custom Medical Billing Solution can enhance revenue and assist control expenses.
    Under the pricing schedule, a number of Radiology Billing Services are covered. A/B Medicare Administrative Coordinators or fiscal intermediaries receive bills for inpatient radiology services. The doctor files their bill independently.
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