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Are you struggling with achieving a smooth administrative experience in your hospital? Do you want to generate better revenues? Is your organization short of trained professionals to handle revenue cycle management?

Opt for outsourcing your revenue cycle management to an RCM service provider with trained professionals. MHRCM has trained professionals who can generate better revenues, reduce operational costs and provide a smooth administrative experience for your clients.

MHRCM has the technical and professional capabilities to help you with high quality and cost-effective RCM solutions, collect payments on submitted claims, increase the revenue from underpaid claims and follow up with insurance providers for quick settlements.

MHRCM also can help you with coding tasks, patient registration and eligibility verification. We have collected highly skilled professionals who have been in the field for years to create a team that can

  • 1) Improve your collection ratio
  • 2) Increase the probability of payment
  • 3) Increase revenues


We follow the step-by-step Revenue Cycle Management Processes listed below, to ensure accurate and maximum results.

1) We use a combination of CPT and ICD-10 codes and capture, enter and edit the demographic and insurance information.

2) Certified Coders and EMR/EHR technology. We understand the complex and ever-changing coding rules and recent expansions like Medicare and OIG Audits.

3) Maximum first pass claims acceptance rate with front-end edits to make information accurate and consistent.

4) Flexible approach for paper and electronic claim filing and using EDI technology.

5) Payment Posting with accurate associated information like EOB (Explanation of Benefits) and ERI (Electronic Remittance Advice).

6) Posting denial information, including the payer denial code, in case of claim denial.

7) Flexible payment options, including EFT or Cheque to accept payments for practice.

8) Our Accounts Receivable Management Solution monitors payment intervals and ensures timely payment. We use Days in A/R as a benchmark and analyze underpaid claims to achieve strong collection results.

9) Our experienced billing experts will handle denials and come up with timely responses to overcome and resubmit the claim.

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