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MHRCM Provides Best Practice Management Services

MHRCM offers a complete range of Practice Management Services that complement and extend our client's physician coding and billing services. MHRCM will reduce your administrative and managing costs, and you can spend your valuable time on your customers.

Practice Management Services Offered by MHRCM

Credentialing: MHRCM manages the application process for provider participation in government and commercial health plans, managed care organizations and others.

Payor Contracting: MHRCM works on behalf of the practice to regularly maintain and update commercial payor contracts.

Financial Statements Management and Review: MHRCM prepares Financial Statements, including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and other statements. They are reviewed, and cost centers are established for P&L Reporting.

Cash Management: MHRCM monitors and manages day-to-day practice Cash Flow with Reporting and Audit Trails.

Accounts Payable: All routine Accounts Payable are processed by MHRCM using a set of procedures and guidelines established with the practice.

Payroll: MHRCM performs timely Payroll Processing for the practice, including automatic clearinghouse deposits of paychecks into employee bank accounts. Payroll service includes appropriate tax and benefits withholding to meet all federal and state regulations and legal requirements.

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