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Medical Revenue Cycle Management Company

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    End To End RCM Outsourcing Company In Austin, Texas

    Streamline your healthcare Practice Management finances! "With MHRCM, improve net patient revenue and patient experience", by reducing the total cost to collect. MHRCM offers All-in-one Medical Revenue Cycle Management Services with complete care and support on the financial side of your practice We Make It Easy To Increase Collections Without Stress.

    A New Approach To Grow Your Healthcare Revenue

    Break the friction everywhere between the revenue cycle of healthcare through our targeted solution.

    Accuracy in Service

    At MHRCM, our domain expertise enables us to prevent denials of your claims, and achieve the best possible outcomes.

    Access to All Extent

    We offer the complete solution that your healthcare deserves. No matter the facility's size and specialists, we take care of all your billing needs.

    Assurance on Results

    Explore how revenue-based RCM outsourcing can benefit your healthcare through MHRCM’s revenue-based Medical Revenue Cycle Management solutions.

    Achieving The Real Time Results With The Most Sophisticated Providers In The United States

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    Reduction in Staff Workflow
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    First Pass Clean Claim Rate
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    Rise in Patient Satisfaction

    What Our Clients Say?

    Marc Cooper VP, Finance
    Quartz Health

    I have been impressed with the focus MHRCM has on the interests of the patient. To me, providing a better environment to patients so that they can come back to your facility, is important. I think MHRCM creates this opportunity and to grow our volume and revenue.

    Bert Harrison CFO
    ITER Healthcare

    MHRCM is changing the way of Revenue Cycle Management by streamlining the process and maximizing efficiency. We believe this will help our organization and healthcare providers across the country.

    Shannon Yerington General Manager
    Empower Therapy

    Partnering with MHRCM is one of the best decisions we have made. They are superbly skilled in critical operational areas like Revenue Cycle Management. We can let them take care of it, so we can focus on what we do best - which is providing excellent care for our patients.

    Why Leading Practices Choose Our Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Company

    Medical Revenue Cycle Management Services

    Initial Claim Filing

    We become an extension of your team, and file your claims electronically, using leading practice management systems. In many cases, your claims are filed on the same day that the service was provided.

    Corrections On Rejections & Denials

    Our team uses smart tools to identify and address problematic claims. We get more of your denied claims through the filing process faster, to deliver that revenue to your bottom line sooner. If you're unsure why your claims aren't generating income, we will do what it takes to get them processed correctly.

    Medical Revenue Cycle Management Services
    Medical Revenue Cycle Management solutions

    Reporting & Analytics

    Our Medical Billing Services boost transparency for our clients' essential metrics. This includes metrics like denial rate, revenue generated compared to previous periods, or revenue lost from denied diagnostic tests. With our service, your claims are compared to your own historical data, as well as to real-time aggregated data from hundreds of practices across the nation. We use this information to benchmark your practice and evaluate the health of this critical stream of your revenue.

    Patient Responsibility Estimator (PRE)

    Find exactly what your patients owe you, with MHRCM's Patient Responsibility Estimation (PRE) tool. Input your patient's demographics, click the eligibility button, and insert their procedure and diagnosis codes. Collecting the correct amount from the patient at the time of service is the key to achieving high patient retention rates.

    Medical Revenue Cycle Management
    Medical Revenue Cycle Management

    Patient Statements & AR

    When possible, MHRCM will refile any rejected/denied claim to make sure you receive all the money you have earned. As an optional service, we can post your payments, transfer any outstanding balances, and send statements to patients. Turning this function over to MHRCM will save your staff time, and allow them more opportunities to interact with your patients.

    Optimize Your Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management With Our Expert Outsourcing Solutions

    Specialty Focused Medical Revenue Cycle Management Services

    Let’s Discuss Your Individual RCM Needs

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