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We Will Help To Grow Your Billing

    Billing Solutions

    MHRCM provides customized medical billing solutions that can provide you with a complete billing workflow from appointment scheduling to claim submissions to payer companies. Faster, accurate, and efficient capturing of charge entry, timely payment posting, AR management, and smart revenue optimization for successful medical billing management.

    Billing Help

    Our billing experts will help you with navigating through the medical billing process from the appointment until you receive your bill in the mail as a patient. We help you with determining costs, negotiate charges with your insurance provider. You can also get support on identifying and disputing erroneous charges on your bill.

    AR Management Solutions

    At MHRCM, we speed up your cash flow by ensuring that your bills are sent out promptly and working on insurance pending accounts aggressively.

    Clean Claims

    With MHRCM, your claims will be submitted in compliance with the up-to-date billing and coding guidelines. To ensure the claim's accuracy and expedite reimbursement, we employ a three-tiered strategy.

    Denial Management

    MHRCM Denial Management uncovers and resolves issues leading to denials and reduces the time needed for the Accounts Receivable cycle. Our team establishes a trend between individual payer codes and common denial codes.

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