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Experience High Cash Flow Through Dental Revenue Cycle Management

Solve dental RCM medical billing challenges with our leading revenue cycle management company. Automate your revenue, improve patient satisfaction, and reduce costs.

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Your Go-to Way to Improve the Revenue Cycle and Minimize Frustration

Revenue Cycle Management is a critical process for Dental Practices. In order to ensure that a Practice is financially healthy, it is important to have a team in place to track and manage revenue. Without proper dental RCM services, dental practices find themselves in financial trouble.

There are a few key components in Dental RCM. First, practices need to track all payments and claims. This includes both payments from patients and insurance companies. Second, practices need to manage their Accounts Receivable. This involves sending out invoices and following up on unpaid accounts. Finally, practices need to keep track of their expenses. This includes both operational expenses and dental supplies.

By tracking these elements, dental practices can clearly understand their financial health. RCM is essential for practices to stay afloat and thrive. Dental Revenue Cycle Management Companies are gaining importance in practices to reduce their workload and increase efficiency.

Put an End to Revenue Leakages with Our Dental Revenue Cycle Management Company:

No more Revenue Leakage! With MHRCM, your end-to-end Dental Revenue Cycle Management Company. We reduce the burden of dental practices by delivering End-to-end Solutions for their Patient Care, reducing the A/R days, and improving revenue flow.

Our services help most dental practices focus on the patient's health and deliver impeccable care and service.

Keeping the A/R days as low as possible from day one positively impacts dental practices. As one of the leading Dental Revenue Cycle Management Companies, we help practices for consistent patient payments, which leads to increased revenue with little spent on services.

Our Dental RCM Services Begin From:

1. Approving Patients for Insurance.

2. Medical Coding Services.

3. Filing Claims.

4. Settling the Payments.

5. Managing the Denials.

6. Report Preparation.

7. Patient Payment Collection.

Connect with MHRCM, the leading Dental Revenue Cycle Management Company, for the best outcomes, in terms of collections.

Our Process:

1. Eligibility and Benefits Verification:

Before patients arrive for their appointments, we check their insurance coverage. The process includes Verification of the policy information, the start date, and the expiration date. Our team also Verifies benefits in addition to validating coverage. Our Dental Revenue Cycle Management Companies’ benefits verification services have resulted in lower denial rates for our providers. Your practice's routine services are listed. The patient's insurance company is then contacted for comprehensive Verification. A comprehensive overview of what will be covered can be obtained before the procedure. In addition, the patient is relaxed because they know how much they will have to pay out of pocket.

2. Claims Submission:

Dental providers can simplify insurance claim management with our Dental Billing and Coding. You can expect fewer denials and clean claims with our claim submission services. Our team identifies and corrects incomplete Claims to ensure you receive your payment on time.

3. Accounts Receivable/ Denial Management:

As a leading Dental Revenue Cycle Management Company, MHRCM specializes in delivering Accounts Receivables and Denial Management Services. Our Detailed and Systematic Dental RCM Service Approach rears possible payments of claims. Our team focuses on resolving the issues in claim rejection and takes the utmost steps to solve them.

4. Payment Posting:

MHRCM can handle multiple remittance services and provide Payment Posting Services for every Insurance Provider. Our services are aligned with pinpoint accuracy and oriented responsiveness.

We verify the claims, Recognize the errors, and streamline the documents for insurance payments. Our entire Dental RCM company ensures the integrity and confidentiality of patients' and clients' financial data.

Common Dental Revenue Cycle Management Problems:

1. Outstanding A/R - More Account Receivable days are a common problem in RCM. If the A/R days are more than 50 (fifty), then Healthcare Centers will get only a small profit.

2. Low Collections – Failure to track the Claims and Denials leads to Low Collections.

3. Poor Cash Flow – Outstanding A/R days and Lack of Claim Tracking lead to Poor Cash Flow.

4. Limited Staff/Expertise - Engaging more Healthcare Staff in Medical Billing Services will affect Patient Care. So, only a limited number of staff are engaged in handling medical billing services. As the number of bills rises, staff cannot track the bills, leading to Claim Reimbursement delays.

5. Regular Billing Issues – Limited staff and expertise in the Medical Billing Section leads to Regular Billing Issues. Payments are delayed when the Bills are not immediately passed to the Insurance Provider for Payment.

6. Increase in Practice Costs – Claim Delays and Management of Claim Denials must be appropriately handled. Not being taken care of properly leads to an Increase in Practice Costs.

7. Lack of Financial Analysis – As soon as a Patient visits the Dental Office, the Patient’s Insurance History and Claim Details must be Checked and Authorized by the Billing Staff for a further appointment. Lack of the Patient’s Financial Analysis leads to RCM problems.

8. Credentialing Issues – Credentialing issues can lead to compliance issues, loss of funds, impaired team morale, and increased practice costs. It is the responsibility of the healthcare provider to follow the bills and ensure there is consistency in the process and that the bills are reimbursed.

MHRCM, one of Texas's best dental revenue cycle management companies, offers complete outsourcing medical billing services for single dental practices, groups, or organizations.

We work hard to optimize your operations, streamline your Processes and Help you Focus More on Revenue and Patient Care.

MHRCM looks forward to partnering with you. Ready to get Started?

What Sets MHRCM Apart from other Dental Revenue Cycle Management Companies?

We are a Full-Service Dental RCM Solution Provider to Improve your Financial Performance.

Our clients love us because:

1. We work with the Latest Practice Management Software and quickly adapt to the existing workflow of Dental Practices.

2. Our Dental Revenue Cycle Management Company has a Dedicated Billing Team and an Excellent Account Manager are provided for Every Client for Smooth Operations.

3. Regular Reports, Updates and Transparency in Operations are our Specialties.

4. Eligibility and Insurance Checks are a part of our Standard Services.

5. We help Dental Practices get Paid the Maximum through our Claim Approvals, Reducing A/R Days with Little or No Denial and Assured Profit.

MHRCM works as an extension of your Dental Practice to ensure that all your Dental Claims are Processed and Reimbursed.

We are not just a Dental Billing Service. Schedule a Consultation for Collaboration for Dental RCM Services!

Dental Medical Billing Service

Streamlines Your Dental Billing Process with MHRCM Dental Revenue Cycle Management Company:

Dental Billing Services and Coding Processes are time-consuming and susceptible to mistakes and errors, and costs more from the Dentist’s pocket.

For Dental Practices to achieve efficient Revenue Cycle Management, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the complexities involved in Revenue Generation and Collection. From CDT Coding to Effective Design of Regular Fee Structure, we Optimize Revenue and Reduce Denials for Dental Offices.

As you strive to navigate through the challenges of ensuring effective reimbursements, optimizing upfront patient payments, and bringing overall efficiency in the Revenue Cycle Process, consider leveraging MHRCM

Our Dental Billing Services

No More Errors, No more Denials. Submit a well-organized and structured claim with the leading medical anaesthesia billing services.

Dental Billing Audit:

A Dental Billing Audit can take your practice a long way forward, if done right. Choose Dental Billing Audit Services from a reputed RCM provider like MHRCM Dental Revenue Cycle Management Company for a detailed analysis.

Dental Credentialing:

Dental Credentialing is as important as Dental Billing, and this is why our Dental Billing Platform delivers peace of mind with Credentialing Through Proper Documentation.

Benefits Verification:

The Breakdown of Benefits is probably the most important aspect of the entire Billing Process, as it looks at Insurance Coverage and Eligibility Verification.

Dental Claim Submission:

We believe in prompt Dental Claim Submission for a smooth Revenue Cycle Management that Ensures Profitability for Independent Dental Practices.

Accounts Receivables:

We aim to Reduce your Accounts Receivables to negligible levels, Increasing Revenue Collection and Profitability in an adequate manner. Our Dental Revenue Cycle Management Company’s RCM service in Dental is one of the best in the industry.

Payment Posting:

Our Payment Posting Mechanisms depict a Clear Financial Picture of your Dental Practice, with a conspicuous view of both Insurance and Patient Payments.

Revenue Cycle Process:

It is said that the growth of a Dental Practice depends on the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the RCM Process. This is why our Dental RCM Company focus on fulfilling all aspects of this Revenue Cycle to ensure optimum collections for both large-scale and small-scale Dental Practices.

What’s Our Promises to Your Dental Service?

1. Our Dental RCM Company ensures that your rightful Claims are 100% Collected.

2. New Clean Claims are Submitted for Reimbursement to the Insurance Providers within 1 (One) Business Day.

3. Payments received are posted in the patient’s ledgers within 1 (One) Business Day.

4. Regular follow-ups for the Claims that have crossed 30 (Thirty) Working Days with at least 10 (Ten) Reminders.

5. Insurance Claim Accuracy Exceeding 98%.

  • All our Dental Revenue Cycle Management Company’s Services are aimed at improving the efficiency of your staff and increasing the revenue, without replacing any staff!

  • Our System Works with Your Existing Practice Management Software. We get you covered with all the Revenue Cycle Management Services out there.

  • MHRCM appreciates long-term contracts. However, Healthcare Services can choose our short-term contract and start exploring our benefits.

  • MHRCM Delivers End to End RCM Solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q) Is Dental Billing hard?

    A) Dental Billing can be a complex and time-consuming process, but it is an essential part of running a successful Dental Practice. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to make Dental Billing easier, including using a Dental Billing Software.

  • Q) Why is Dental Billing important?

    A) Dental Billing is important, as it is an integral part of running a Dental Practice. It helps to ensure that Dental Practices are reimbursed for the services they provide. Without Dental Billing, Dental Practices would not be able to stay in business. It helps to keep track of what services patients have received, and to ensure that patients are charged the correct amount for the services they receive.

  • Q) Is Dental Billing easier than Medical Billing?

    A) It is a common misconception that Dental Billing is easier than Medical Billing. In reality, both processes are equally complex and require a great deal of attention to detail. Dental Billing involves a different set of Codes and Guidelines, so it is important to have a clear understanding of both, before attempting to Bill for either type of treatment.
    While Dental Billing may seem simpler at first glance, the reality is that it is just as complex as Medical Billing. Both require a great deal of attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the Codes and Guidelines. If you are not prepared to handle the complexities of either type of Billing, it is best to seek out the help of a professional.

  • Q) How do I Claim Dental Insurance?

    A) To file a Claim for Dental Insurance, you will first need to find out the specifics of your plan. Each Insurer has different Procedures for Filing Claims, so it's important to check with your Insurer to find out what you need to do. Once you have the necessary information, you can gather your receipts and paperwork and Submit your Claim.

  • Q) What are the advantages of Outsourcing Dental Billing Services?

    A) Outsourcing Dental Billing Services can provide a number of advantages for Dental Practices. It can free up time for Dentists and Staff to Focus on Patient Care, and it can also lead to Increased Efficiencies and Reduced Costs. When done correctly, Outsourcing Dental Billing can be a Win-Win for Both Dental Practices and Patients.


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