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Are you having trouble with demanding radiology medical billing? Is there a drop in reimbursement and a decline in your organization's ROI? If yes, you must consider revamping your in-house medical billing team or working together with a radiology medical billing service provider like us.

If the first option is difficult, you can consider experienced billing service providers. MHRCM understands the accountability of your profession, whether you are working in a hospital, clinical laboratory, radiology imaging center, or other medical facilities.

Hence, we leveraged robust technology and our medical billing expertise to incorporate a validated workflow routine. We leverage our expertise in radiology medical billing with software that allows us to deliver maximum accuracy and 100% compliance with the healthcare regulations.

Radiology Medical Billing Services

Radiology billing has evolved from a simple administrative task to a complex matrix of reading and interpreting medical records, which may overwhelm you. At MHRCM, we have a professional team that can assign procedure codes and boosts your radiology medical billing bottom lines.

Radiology medical billing services we offer,

X-ray & Tomography Billing Services

The X-ray and EKG procedure requires precise interpretation and reporting to understand relevant clinical issues and comparative data associated with them. MHRCM will ensure the smooth functioning of your practice, improve accuracy, and compliance in your organization with the best radiology billing services.

Ultrasound Procedure Billing Services

MHRCM team can demonstrate their experience to verify, rectify, and maintain documentation of Ultrasound interpretation documents. We classify limitations of Medicare coverage and reimbursement for Ultrasound services. We help you with Ultrasound Procedure billing and ensure that claims are quickly processed, thus improving your cash flow.

MRI Procedure Billing Services

Our radiology billing experts ensure that records meet the compliance and regulations of government and insurance providers. We verify coverage guidelines and procedure codes representing your service to check the medical coverage of your patients.

Nuclear Scan Billing Services

Extreme caution is necessary for Nuclear Scan Billing Services. The regulations and guidelines for nuclear scans have changed, and slight deviation may lead to non-compliance. Our team is proficient in working with various private and government payers. So, we can offer quick and efficient billing services while keeping ahead of the regulation changes.

Interventional Radiology Billing Services

We thoroughly check, verify, and rectify the procedural documents, codes, and bills for every service rendered at your medical facility. With our team of Radiology Medical Billing experts, we can help you identify the billable interventional procedures.

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